Hello world! WELCOME

Welcome, Welcome to all!

I would like to officially introduce you to my NEW very own Website! to start things off, I will give a little summary of myself. 

Hello Reader, my name is Louannie Smith. I am currently a senior at York, majoring in Health Science. I was born and raised in Guyana until I migrated to the States at the age of 5. I currently live in Brooklyn, NY.

Fun fact about me is I’m a leftie and I love to travel. The last place I visited was Jamaica last year’s summer. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to travel this year due to COVID-19, hopefully, next year is a better year. I would love to travel as a graduation present to myself. My potential destination is Tulum, Mexico! I could see it now, sunbathing under the island sun drink a non-virgin Pina Colada! AYYYYYY! 

Enough of daydreaming! LOL Until the next post.

Louannie N. Smith